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Our Latest Newest Product Launch

Two years ago, I changed career paths:  from leading in-house communications and marketing teams at major global companies to working as a consultant to start-ups and C-Suites at big brands.  I was filling a need for corporate clients who needed experience, outside perspective, insight and leadership and giving start-ups access to an experienced CMO/Communications leaders that would otherwise be out of reach. 

As a result, I've been fortunate to work with some of the most stalwart, established brands on earth -- helping them move more quickly and nimbly, or offering essential outside perspective.  And I've enjoyed the head rush of launching more than a dozen start-ups.  I've had a blast helping early stage companies get to the next level, build their in-house teams and pairing brands with the right outside agencies.  What could be more gratifying?  

I'm about to find out.  With my partner, Matt, I'm about to launch my own 'human' start up.  We are preparing to bring our first child into the world.   And I'll be focusing in coming weeks on what could be my biggest project of all and taking leave until this Spring.  That'll explain why I may not be responding to emails with modern economy speed.  And why -- to steal a phrase from Andreesen Horowitz's Ben Horowitz:  I'll be acting like a typical start-up CEO:  sleeping like a baby & waking up every two hours for crying.